because a girl in a pink dress is so BRUTAL

The Metal-Lolita: because being lolita is so metal
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What is more metal or brutal than a girl in a frilly dress?


You have read right we are the Lolita of the world that also love metal. Anything brutal add a bow and there you go! Weather you are a sweet Lolita or a classic Lolita don't be shy! Show your love for Lolita clothing AND metal music! We know we aren't alone! If you are a metal fan at heart or found love through one of our fave shows Metalocalypse we share your pain love!

This community is for well anything lolita or metal really!

[x] Want to show off your newest loli photoshoot? show us!
[x] Want to sell your old brand items? Go for it!
[x] Want to tell us about the show you just went to? Tell us.
[x] Want to yap about metalocalypse? So do we!
[x] Want to share your new fave bands? We will give em a shot.
[x] Want to show us some art? Start drawing.
[x] Want to make fun of the ugly brand dresses? Not stopping ya.
[x] Want to share your newest macro or meme? By god post it!
[x] Want to make new friends? Don't worry we don't all bite!
[x] Want to share the newest interweb lulz or dramaz? Do tell!
[x] you get the point!

I will be finishing the comm in the next few days. With mods, rulez, layout and all!
wanna help please do! Either post somewhere on my lj kesson_shojo or email me kesson.shojo @ gmail.com
I need mods and help lol!
hope to see you soon.
remember even a girl in a pink dress can still be metal!